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  • Gender Dysphoria
    Gender dysphoria occurs when there is a persistent sense of mismatch between an individual’s gender...  more
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    February 12, 2019 - posted by The Boss
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity: review of concepts, controversies and their relation to psychopathology classification systems
    Numerous controversies and debates have taken place throughout the history of psychopathology (and its main classification...  more
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    February 12, 2019 - posted by The Boss
  • What Is Bullying?
    Being the victim of bullying is a relatively common adolescent experience. Up to three-quarters of young adolescents...  more
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    January 25, 2019 - posted by The Boss
  • Il bullo, il bullismo e l'omofobia
    II bullo è una persona che riversa i propri problemi sulle persone più deboli o indifese con atteggiamenti...  more
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    December 7, 2018 - posted by The Boss
  • Cyberbullismo, Hate Speech & Cyberbullo \u2013 cyberteppista: definizioni, etimologie e citazioni.
    Una breve carrellata di definizioni sulle parole piu' usate nel contesto del cyberbullismo. Conosci il tuo nemico per...  more
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    November 28, 2018 - posted by The Boss
  • Cyberbullismo e adolescenza
    Studi recenti confermano che il cyberbullismo negli adolescenti può causare danni emotivi, specialmente in soggetti...  more
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    November 28, 2018 - posted by The Boss