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How can I protect my creations?

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    April 30, 2017 4:39 PM CEST

    Hello, this is, I hope, the first of some many suggestions i will write down to help you all in this "fight" against  who steal products.

    There is a big mess about this topic so lets explain some basic rules:

    How do I determine if a copyrighted image is manipulated enough by somebody to avoid copyright infringement?

    The use of another person’s work without permission in a copyright infringement lawsuit, they would have to make a convincing argument that their is a transformative work; that is, one that transcends, or places in a new light, the underlying work on which it are based. Transformative uses include parodying the original work.

    Unfortunately, there are no objective metrics for determining whether the work is manipulated sufficiently to be considered transformative. It would be the subjective opinion of the judge in a copyright infringement lawsuit whether their manipulations uses the original work in a sufficiently different manner or purpose than the original.

    However, if he/she ise attempting simply to make slight adjustments to the artwork (such as cropping and retouching a few details) to get around obtaining permission to use it rather than genuinely trying to create a transformative work, chances are that he/she is not manipulating it sufficiently to avoid the risk of copyright infringement.

    Does his/her use incorporate the original work into a new creation of they own making? Did they add content in addition to using the minimal amount of the original?

    Does their use compete with the potential means of income for the original use, including licensing fees for second parties to reuse the work?

    Fair use is a defense in court. It is not a shield from being sued. It only helps they if you they convince the judge during a trial that their use fits the rules.

     A complete description about this topic can be view here:

    What can i do if i find out somebody have stolen my  creations:

    Designers who find that their work has been stolen have a number of options available to them, including:

    •     Do nothing
    •     Personally send a cease-and-desist letter
    •     Ask for credit
    •     Send an invoice
    •     Hire a lawyer to send a cease-and-desist letter
    •     File a DMCA takedown notice
    •     File a lawsuit

    How can i fill a DMCA?
    It is easy, there is the official website about DMCA:  where you can easily take some  templates, or as example, another website from where to generate quickly the DMCA takedown notice which will fit the needs of Second Life:

    How can i copyright my products?

    About Photos:


    •     The moment a photographer takes a photograph, that image has copyright.
    •     This has been true since the Federal Copyright Act of 1975
    •     Copyrights do not need to be registered in order to exist
    •     Registering a copyright is necessary to:
    •     Ask for statutory damages
    •     Adding the copyright symbol ©, the photographer’s name, and the year of publication to an image isn’t necessary to have copyright
    •     Publishing an image with a copyright notice does make it easier to prove willful infringement in a court of law

    Permission and Theft

        Unless a person has a photographer’s permission, they cannot do any of the following to an image:

    •         Reproduce it
    •         Display it publicly (including online)
    •         Create derivative works based upon it
    •         Distribute copies to others for sale, rent, lease, or lending

      If a person does any of the previous without the photographer’s permission, he has violated copyright
    •         Violators can be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

    About Mesh items:

    Not many know but you can open obj files via notepad, or even better, using a software called Notepad++. Notepad++ is a free  source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.

    Once you have open the file on notepad copy it and paste as text in one of the online copyright se5rvices. I personally use this: ; it have also  free accounts options.

    this allow you to prove that THAT specific item it is own by you, and do not forget to copyright also the UVMAP, since it is unique for every mesh.

    What these websites does? Like on Second Life, these apply a timestamp on the "product" you copyright, whcih mean they apply a time mark on it declaring that it was done at that time of that specific day of the year. This is even useful in case of a trial.

    Some States, like Italy, allow to buy the "time stamps" which can be applied and have an official (only officially authorized systems can allow it) timestamp by "state"  authority (valid for the whole EU).

    In USA and other World States included EU you can use electronic signature, but about this need to know when are legit and when are not. Here some links about them:

    About Electronic Signature:



    Signing a document electronically - Adobe :

    If you need more help, please add a comment below so i can help you through the issue.

    If you share this document please do not forget to put  alink to this forum!