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'Bully', short film tackling cyberbullying within the LGBT community

Posted by The Boss
'Bully' is the new short film from Jake Graf featuring some of the most prominent, visible and vocal members of the international LGBT community. Starring singer and model Jaimie Wilson, presenter and Youtube inspiration Riyadh Khalaf, 'gender capitalist' Rain Dove, Fiona Dawson, director of award winning documentary 'Trans Military', presenter and actor Sade Giliberti and actor and activist Devin Lowe, the film aims to tackle head on the blight of cyber bullying across the LGBT spectrum. Shot over two days, the actors laid bare some of their most painful and impactful received messages and tweets, with most needing to be severely toned down for use in the film. Director Jake Graf said: 'We wanted the messages to be real and hard hitting, but we had to really sanitise them to be able to use them in the film. Some of the things that are received on a daily basis should quite simply never be repeated.' As an out trans man, writer and director Jake Graf has also received abuse online, and felt that it was important that people be made aware of the hugely negative and dangerous effects that cyberbullying can have. 'Even after my recent wedding, my wife Hannah and I were trolled by people saying we shouldn't be allowed to marry, that we were just freaks, that we were both mentally ill. This was all after the happiest day of our lives. It does make you wonder how miserable, self loathing and lonely the bullies must be to so eagerly spew such vitriol when they see someone happy and simply living their life.' The statistics speak for themselves, with 42% of LGBT youth being bullied online, and suicide rates among LGBT youth disproportionately high. 'I really hope that thousands of online bullies see this film and stop even for a second to consider what they're doing before possibly irreversibly changing someone's life with some hastily typed words. Maybe just take a moment to consider how you would feel if someone said them to you, and write something kind instead.'
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