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"The Water Dungeon" • VIRTUALITY

SecondNEWS Bot 15 November 18, 2020

26 November 2020 – 1 PM SLT

Music set by DJ hEIN

Opening party – of my black and white RL photography photo essay –

“The Water Dungeon”

Photos taken in the “Water Museum – Patriarchal Reservoir”, in Lisbon.
Hidden underground the garden of Príncipe Real, you can find the Patriarchal Reservoir, whose construction was completed in 1864. It was one of the first tanks of the distribution network, designed in 1856 by French engineer Louis-Charles Mary, which enabled the supply of water to the inhabitants of Lisbon. The Patriarchal Reservoir, displays an octagonal shape, to coincide with the lake drawing at the top, outside, in the garden.

Hermes Kondor

Curator – New Kondor Photo Gallery

"The Water Dungeon"
Image by Hermes Kondor

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