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SecondNEWS Bot 31 November 30, 2020

28 November – 28 December 2020

Exal Grut Art Exhibition at Anders Franizzi & Moora McMillan Gallery

EXAL GRUT art exhibition

“I discovered second life back in 2007, and I was instantly smitten. The possibilities seemed endless to me. I’ve always loved comic books, superheroes and science fiction; and I’ve always enjoyed coming up with my own characters and stories; without any actual artistic abilities, however, they always just stayed in my head.

Second life changed that for me. Suddenly, I was able to start to flesh out my characters, and to top it off I could take pictures and make videos of these characters as well. For a long time, I was only saving my pictures to my desktop and enjoying them myself.

It wasn’t until about 2018 that I started posting any photos in earnest on Flickr, and then from there it feels like I’ve opened a floodgate. Trying to create dynamic action shots with interesting original characters has been a great way to challenge myself, to stay creative and positive, especially during the pandemic. After all, you can’t create worlds with magical beasts and world-hopping heroes without smiling – at least that’s my hope.

I am both amazed and honored at the reception my art has received. Thank you so much to Anders and Moora for this exhibition and to you for stopping by to check it out!

All the best,
Exal Grut

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