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WE ARE WARRIORS fashion show

SecondNEWS Bot 20 December 2, 2020

6 December 2020 – 12 PM SLT

WE ARE WARRIORS Fashion ShowHistorical and Fantasy weapon from Goood Balance store (creator Nautilius)

at Dragon Sanctuary sim from Unity Modeling agency.

Music set by Безу́мная Макса (dasha1981) from russian Theater “Orchid”

We are Warriors in Dragon Sanctuary Teleport

“We invite you to the wonderful world of the forces of spirit and beauty of weapons. You will feel the power of ancient heroes, going through the centuries and the breath of invisible gods, granting blessings and victory in battles.
We are all warriors of the world. Each of us fights our own battle every day.

Each of us raises his Sword every day going into the right battle.

Each of us needs Victory.
Today at the show our models will present images of different warriors and magnificent weapons from Goood Balance, designer Nautilius (agaspus).”

ViktorSavior de Grataine (viktorsavior)

Art Promotion