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What is Second Life

Second Life is a metaverse in which users can create a three-dimensional character of their choice, which will lead their own life with friendships, love stories, and so on.

But how do you move around the platform in its best ways? Let's find out together!

Second Life characters

Second Life characters can be created according to your taste.

Besides, thanks to the Bakes on Mesh you can make them even more attractive, just think of the tattoos, different types of faces, skin color, and much more.

These are nothing more than the most advanced features capable of giving further realism.

But that's not all, as the Bento project is available, which allows you to create different characters thanks to an ad hoc skeleton capable of supporting different animations, armor, and facial expressions.

What Second Life characters can do

Second Life characters can do anything, for example:

- chat both public and private with other users;

- teleport from one place to another;

- socialize with other residents;

- exchange virtual goods or services with other residents;

- win limitations such as disabilities and problems such as depression;

- communicate verbally with other players;

- shooting movies and taking pictures;

- participate in Second Life Events.

What are Second Life Events?

Second Life Events are virtual and live experiences that can be organized by any user of the game.

To access them just follow the various sites, or even on in the section dedicated to Second Life.

Second Life roleplay

Thanks to Second Life roleplay you can transform yourself into vampires, werewolves and many other fantastic characters to head for the destinations concerned.

SL marketplace

SL marketplace is the abbreviation of Second Life Marketplace and is the place where you can buy all the items you need to improve the quality of your virtual life.

The official currency is the Linden Dollar and to access the market you need to register and access this site

If you can't or want to spend money, don't worry, because you can count on Second Life freebies, which are completely free items. One of the biggest inworld groups for freebies is SL Free & Offers, where these topics are discussed daily.

SL Blogs

SL blog is nothing more than Second Life's blog/community, where you can learn about the latest updates and interact directly with other users. But you can also follow them on Wiply with automatic channel updates. It is the platform recommended to everyone, newcomers, old users because it allows you to find all the necessary information in no time.

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