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How to create a new account on Wiply?




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Using Wiply  » Creating an Account

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You can easily create your new account on Wiply by following these steps:

Click on “Create Account” tab which is present at the top of the Site under Main header.

A Sign Up form will get appeared in which you have to fill all the mandatory details in order to create your Account.

After filling the details at the bottom of the form a Captcha will be there which is used to recognize that you are not a Robot.

After clicking on ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox,few images get occurred in which you have to recognize only those images for which they have asked.

Once your identity gets verified, you have to click on Sign Up Button. After that 3 Phases for the completion of profile will occur:

    User Profile: In which you have to fill details like - Profile Type, Profile Title
    Add profile Photo: Where you have to add photo for your profile.
    Interests: Here you have to mention interests related to your hobbies.

When all the details get filled up, Click on Save Button and then you can view your recently created profile by clicking on View Profile Button.