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We are looking for users who want to collaborate in the growth of this social network. Nowadays, we have large numbers, we have the technology and spaces, what we need are more people to help us grow faster.

You will ask yourself why you have to waste your time with us. Nowadays we have had almost 4 million page visits, almost 20 thousand users who have visited the social, with a bounce rate below 50% (and no content yet!).

On facebook to reach 4 million people REALLY you should spend a total budget of about 15,000 euros, as you can see in the attached picture. You, on the other hand, can have free traffic on our social network.

Think about the opportunities you can have with us! Come today, register for free.

How many times have you imagined to grow your brand or to make your group known

If the latter sounds like you, keep reading. You’re about to learn how social media marketing on wiply can help build your visibility/business. Some of the benefits you’ll learn about include:

  • Growing your brand awareness: you have few competitors online, and this will make it easy to spread the word about your mission, an/or products.
  • Increasing your traffic: Using our social and linking it to your website will increase your traffic tremendously.
  • Promoting your products and services: This is ultimately why you invest money in marketing, right?

You must be wondering: where is the trick? There is no trick, we try to give content to our visitors, you are looking for an audience. It's a win-win situation! But as with all things, those who arrive first are staying better, so don't wait too long to create your group, your page, or make your events known!

Customers follow and interact with the brands they enjoy. But what’s interesting is that 53% of customers who follow your business are likely to be loyal to your business specifically.

It’s an obvious direct correlation: If customers follow you, they are more likely to choose you versus your competition. Furthermore, if they’re loyal customers, they’ll increase your traffic.

You can imagine a new way to do hunts, using the new technology PWA (Progressive Web App) together with Push Notices, to give everyone a boost of novelty to the now old hunt!

Become an influencer by opening your own video channel, or integrate it into your group. Are you a poet or do you love to write? Share your books on our platform and integrate them to your page or your group!

Are you still unsure? TEST US! Try to see if your contents catch many visitors since today!

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