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This time, it's not about new products. This time we'd like to offer our support to the community that is making Exmachina what it is - Avatars/Characters Design, Outfits, Addons.

As many people are out of work these days, we'd like to offer our help by giving away some Avatars for Free. If you're willing to get one or know one - please come and slap the board at our flagstore.

Each day 10 bodies will be give to the lucky ones, for 10 days.

To enter just touch the board with the EXMACHINA group tag on (board will tell you which one is)

Minimum required people are 50, and will be send out 5 bodies, max number of people allowed is 100 to give away 10 prizes.

Come and touch the big board!

We're going to update more about this and other opportunities on our group and page, if you have interested friends - you can share this post with them.