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How much would I be able to join one?

Hosted By Best mengqin
February 16 12:41 PM- February 17 12:41 PM
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  • When February 16 12:41 PM- February 17 12:41 PM
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  • Do you prefer duelling or x 2. Which is more likely to win? I'd like to RuneScape Gold be part of an e-chopping clan. How much would I be able to join one? Do you have any suggestions you can take part in? I love dicing and want to join and host.

    Someone has told me that random people will pay you after you've got the amount of people they let you in. They will only be scammed , and you won't get victimized. They also claimed... these trustworthy people are able to scam you but they don't. What is that? I was notified by PM but I deleted the message. :( Pianist sent me the message, so if he's there... please help me out.

    What is it that you mean by that? Do you know of any 55 x 2 clan I could dice using F2P? Or 60 x 2? Anyone you trust? 60x2 is the best however 55 x2 is acceptable too. I should have gotten an extra 550k but I couldn't recognize it. I was scammed. I was on a different account who had more than 230k. I was at 720k , but I'm at 170k now. Thank you scammers. The guy diced 10 times before when I scored a huge one, then he walked away.

    If you're a host, 55x2 is better odds since it's 50/50 dice duels, although you could make money out of huge pots if you have two players. 2B+, nope, you can't join any atm. Dicing works the same way.

    Host A is the person who gives Person A (refered with the designation H here on out) an amount of money, say 100k. H rolls dice. If 60plus (60x2) then H keeps the cash. If it's 60- then H exchanges Player A for 200K (hence the 'x2' 60x2). H's are trustworthy because they have to RS 2007 Fire Cape pay for their status (10Bplus), and so scamming individuals for 500k, there's no reason to. Nope, doubt people even dice much in F2P. This is the reason you join the reputable MEMBER clans, although, unfortunately , there's only 1M+ min to bet there.

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