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Dragon-like creature with body comprised of rocks

Hosted By Best mengqin
December 29 3:06 AM- December 30 3:06 AM
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  • Created by Best mengqin
  • Hosted by Best mengqin
  • Created on December 28, 2021
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  • When December 29 3:06 AM- December 30 3:06 AM
Meta Info
  • Dragon-like creature with body comprised of RuneScape Gold rocks. One of the most high level monsters available with a Combat score of 785 his location is accessible by Games Necklace teleport. Because the boss is extremely massive health pool, with 2000, and a further 50% bonus for defence for all weapons, except halberds and spears, it is extremely difficult to defeat as a single player. Due to this, players frequently team up against this enemy.

    The boss is known to drop many valuable items , including Sigils that are required for the creation of Spirit Shields. The items are only dropped when you are a Corporeal Beast and because of the high cost, they're highly valuable with values that can exceed 100 million. On top of that boss will drop some dragon-level items, including Holy Elixir, a lot of seeds, and even high-end clue scrolls.

    The primary antagonist of The Dragon Slayer II quest is an imposing Blue Dragon which after being defeated by the first time in the quests becomes a regular boss. The monster has a Combat Level 732 and is the only opponent that can drop Skeletal Visage and Dragonbone Necklace.

    It is worth noting it is important to note that the version for quests of OSRS Items the monster is much weaker than its original counterpart and is more difficult than what was encountered during the first Dragon Slayer quest.

    He is a treasure hunter who drops numerous treasures such as dragon-tier items, diverse dragonhides, the bolt's tips and seeds and other uncommon drops. Most commonly, the drop is the previously mentioned Skeletal Visage, which is worth 30mil. There's also a weaker version known as Draconic Visage, which is worth around 5mil.

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